NetLeaders -​ A New Kind of Global Network
The simplest way to position yourself to capture the rewards of the Internet of Value is to become a part of a private global network called DasNet.

This innovative technology platform combines world-class computer hardware, next-generation blockchain technology, state-of-the-art encryption and KYC authentication services to create a highly secure, decentralized global network.
Individuals, businesses and financial institutions can use this network to confidently and efficiently store and transfer digital assets. There is also a way for each participant to share in the collective financial value created within this network.

A Future of Financial Freedom

When the proper attention is placed on the infrastructure requirements and when design is optimized for efficiency and stability, the possibilities for blockchain technology start to come into view.
The ultimate result is the full realization of theInternet of Value in which anyone can trade all kinds of assets over a specialized virtual private network without depending on third parties. What becomes possible is a world filled with borderless transactions and transactions can be conducted between all kinds of different assets. In addition, these transactions will be completed anywhere in the world, at anytime of day or night, instantaneously and at virtually no cost.


Optimized to Deliver the Internet of Value
DasNet is a network that combines the best technology elements with optimal infrastructure design.
A private, permissioned blockchain architecture has been incorporated due to its enhanced security, inherent efficiency and ability to scale more easily. NetLeaders builds on this foundation by authenticating all of the users in accordance with banking-standard KYC (Know Your Client) requirements and incorporating powerful marketing system into the overall value proposition. The result is network that is capable of world-class performance and that is also poised for rapid global adoption by the mass market.

The Internet of Value Made Simple

With a NetLeaders software license, you can participate in the value created from the next generation of the Internet.

NetLeaders is creating a virtual private network that features state-of-the-art security and is can only be accessed by authenticated users.

The Future of Money :

Think about it: in just a few short years, Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, attracted several million users and created over €10 billion in value. All signs are pointing to a cryptocurrency explosion. Now imagine the kind of value that will be created when the world’s first digital asset system becomes adopted by the global mainstream.
Dascoin Cryptocurrency have a very powerful Ecosystem that can help it to be in a good place in the market cap.
The DasCoin roadmap have a good actions this year 2018, and will help the currency to be mainstream.

Here are the best actions in the roadmap of DasCoin :

1. at 31.03.2017 : Launch of blockchain (Done)
2. at 3.09.2017 : Launch of the DasExchange (Done)
3. at 28.04.2018 : Launch of the External Exchange.
4. at 30.06.2018 : Launch of the DasPay Mobile App (One of the best projects that's can help the currency to grow and make a good value for coin).

More other projects will be up this year 2018, we have to be very proud of this BIG Project.

DasCoin, Why and how to join ?

About it and the Leaderships and the Board of Directors : Click here
DasCoin Blockchain (6sc between blocks) :
DasCoin WhitePaper  (35 pages) : it's one of the best white papers designed by ZYEN company. this WP explain the most important things about the blockchain of DasCoin, how it works and what is it the most innovation thing in DasNet system. 

Join us and purchase your license to get access to one of the best innovative Blockchain :  Click here
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